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No More Excuses

Small group book study has become an important part of Varnville First Baptist Church.  Just recently a group of men from the church completed an eight week book study led by DeKelly Pittinger.  In that study, the group went over Dr. Tony Evans, book, "No More Excuses".  The following statements are a summary of what was discussed.

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  • God does not want us to make excuses for the failure in our lives.  He wants us to take responsibility.

  • We can no longer hide behind the past.  We can no longer let yesterday define us.

  • God wants to deliver us from yesterday because too many of us are chained to yesterday.

  • God wants to deliver men from the hostage taking the enemy has done in our lives so that we're able to blaze into the future, getting rid of the limp and the excuse and not being held hostage to the past.

  • God can take your yesterday and turn it into an awesome tomorrow.

  • Forgiving does not mean you don't remember it happened.  It means you're no longer seeking revenge because it happened.

  • God can take the mess of yesterday and turn it into the miracle of tomorrow.  He can take the pain of the past and turn it into the productivity of the future.  He can take the limp and give you life.

  •  When you do it God's way and start with your spiritual commitment first, He brings heaven's pleasure into your pain, into your failure, into your frustrations, into your future.

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